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Here are some links to other sites about Beardies ! If you would like to suggest a site or report a dead link, please e-mail me !

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Bearded Dragon pages:

Sammy the giant green iguana  yes
The Reptile House - reptiles allsorts  yes
Todd´s Bearded Dragon Page

Pete´s reptil sida 

Bearded Dragons Offline

Dan and Sue´s bearded dragon page 

Lizard Land

Lizard Heaven

The Bearded Dragons of Vic and Denise 

Leanne´s Pogona Page 

General Care Of Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons - the best of all lizard pets !

Page on Beardies

POGONA - From an Australian perspective

Melissa Kaplans herp pages

The care of the Australian Bearded Dragon, Pogona vitticeps

Karnivor's Bearded Dragon Care & Information Page

Identification and Treatment of Metabolic Bone Disease

Reptile World 


 Where can I find other BD owners?
Bearded Dragons help forum  
A great place with lots of nice people where you can get answers to your questions, and help other BD owners. Just post a message!  
James` list of BD owners  
James has made a list of BD owners where you can get info on both the owners and their bearded dragons !  
 Live cameras !  

Live webcam of a Beardie, updated every 30 seconds!
Swedish Pet Ring   

 Bearded Dragon webring   

 This Bearded Dragon Ring site owned by Elliott the Bearded Dragon.
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 Swedish reptile webring  

 This Swedish reptile site is owned by Elliott the Bearded Dragon.
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 The reptile ring  
This Reptile ring site is owned by Elliott the Bearded Dragon.
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